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Get to Know Your Customers Day

Today is a day that businesses work to get to know their customers better. In our digital and big-box-store age, the personal connections that were once made by owners or workers of businesses with their customers are not as frequent or as robust as they once were. Today is meant to turn that around, and to strengthen the relationships between sellers and buyers, and between businesses and their customers. Not only will communities be strengthened, but it is also in the economic interest of businesses to do so. Customers who feel they are known by the places they shop, will be more likely to return in the future. Top companies get 20 percent of their revenue from returning customers who come back within the first month. After top performing companies are in business for three years, they may make up to 60 percent of their revenue from returning customers.

How to Observe Get to Know Your Customers Day

If you work at a store or another type of business that has customers, use extra effort today to get to know the customers you interact with. Call them by their names, and ask their names if you don't know them. Make sure to use formal names instead of nicknames, until your really get to know them. Email or call those who have recently made a purchase, and ask them what they thought of the product or service they bought. Don't try to sell them something or put them on an email list; simply make the contact to show them that they are a valued customer. Another way to demonstrate this is by sending a "thank you" note. If your company does have an email list, make sure emails are only sent out about once a month, so customers don't feel overwhelmed. Details about deals or events are appropriate types of content for these emails.

Acknowledging customers you see regularly is another good way to get to know them better and build a relationship with them. Have a loyalty program that gives back to customers on their birthday, or on the anniversaries of when they first became customers. If you work at a restaurant and someone has been coming in once a week for at least a few months, you may want to consider comping something they often buy. Similarly, if someone has been shopping at your store for a long time, it may be appropriate to give them a special discount. In general, use as much effort as possible to get to know those who are spending their money at a place you own or work at. If you are a customer, you can make the effort to get to know the owners and workers at the businesses you frequent as well.

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