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National Teach Children to Save Day

Taking place during Financial Literacy Month, National Teach Children to Save Day focuses the media's attention around the importance of financial education and teaches children financial literacy and the importance of saving, which may set them on the course to a life of financial responsibility. Children are taught about saving—learning banking terms, about compound interest, about credit and debt, and about credit cards. They are taught how to create a budget—learning about saving for college, planning for large purchases, prioritizing purchases, and what their wants and needs are.

Bankers are encouraged to schedule presentations on the day or throughout the month of April, and tens of thousands of bankers across the United States have volunteered their time to do so. Although National Teach Children to Save Day takes place one day a year, Teach Children to Save is a national program that organizes volunteer bankers throughout the whole year to help children start a savings routine early in their lives.

How to Observe National Teach Children to Save Day

If you are a banker, you could register and volunteer to be part of the Teach Children to Save program. By registering, you'll have access to a resource page that includes promotional materials, student activities, communication tools, and presentation lessons related to financial literacy. If you are a parent, you could find a bank near you participating in Teach Children to Save and get your child involved. Parents and anyone interested in helping children learn about saving and financial literacy can give lessons and presentations. Resources for children, teenagers, and adults can be found on the American Bankers Association website, but financial literacy resources from elsewhere can be used as well. Visiting a bank or distributing personal finance materials are a few other activities you could do to take part in the day.

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