National Personal Chef Day


Today we honor personal chefs. Those who have personal chefs do something special for them today, such as buying them a meal at a high-end restaurant, giving them the day off, or switching roles and making a meal for them. Those who don't have a personal chef may get one today. Some may even use the day to take steps towards becoming a personal chef. By most accounts, this holiday takes place on July 16, but some sites also list it as happening on February 26.

The number of personal chefs has been increasing in recent years. Many who become personal chefs have prior experience working in restaurants, catering, or hotel kitchens. Some still work in these capacities and are personal chefs on the side. Some personal chefs are recently graduated culinary students, while some are self-taught from years of cooking, and have held no other formal role cooking food.

Personal chefs may have multiple clients, which distinguishes them from private chefs, who only have one client, who is usually affluent and in whose home they often live. Personal chefs usually meet with their clients to design a meal plan, and clients often choose meals from the chef's menu. The chef shops for the groceries and then prepares the meals, usually in their clients' homes, often making multiple meals at once and placing them in a refrigerator or freezer and leaving reheating instructions. Additionally, personal chefs may work dinner parties or other special events for a client, and may also give cooking classes to a client or to a group in a client's home. Personal chefs may charge based on the number of meals prepared or for the cost of food plus an hourly rate.

National Personal Chef Day, also known as National Personal Chef's Day, is observed next on Wednesday, February 26th, 2020. It has always been observed annually on July 16th. It has always been observed annually on February 26th.

How to Observe

If you have a personal chef, do something special for them today, such as making a meal for them, giving them the day off, or taking them out for a meal at a high-end restaurant. If there is someone in your home who usually prepares your meals but is not a personal chef, you could thank them and take them out for a meal or cook a meal for them. If you don't have a personal chef, today is also a good day to hire one. You could even use the day to begin the process of becoming a personal chef yourself.

Occurrence Patterns

ObservedFirst YearLast Year
annually on July 16th--
annually on February 26th--



Alternate Names

  • National Personal Chef's Day

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