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Lover's Day

Can there ever be too much love? There are many days dedicated to it, some being about love between people, such as Global Love Day and Valentine's Day, and some being about love for inanimate objects like yarn, garlic and bacon. But Lover's Day is just for lovers! It is a day for romance, and a day when partners express their love for each other.

There is some indication that the day stemmed from Saint George's Day, which is also celebrated on April 23, the date that Saint George died in 303 CE. Mainly observed in Europe, it celebrates both love and literature. In the Spanish region of Catalonia, where it is known as La Diada de Sant Jordi, it is also often called El Dia de La Rosa, meaning The Day of the Rose. Being that the day is also related to literature, it is also known as El Dia del Libre, meaning The Day of the Book. This is because April 23 marks the date of the death of Miguel Cervantes, William Shakespeare, and Josep Pla. Being that this is the case, Saint George's Day and Lover's Day can also be seen as being related to World Book and Copyright Day and Talk Like Shakespeare Day.

How to Observe Lover's Day

Fill your day with love and devotion to your lover:

  • Do something extra special for your partner. The possibilities are innumerable. Make them a gift, surprise them with one of their favorite things, or take them to a place they enjoy. Perhaps you could make them some cherry cheesecake, take them on a picnic, and then to a movie. It is also National Cherry Cheesecake Day, National Picnic Day, and Movie Theatre Day, afterall.
  • Although there is a different holiday dedicated to proposing, Lover's Day isn't a bad day to do it.
  • You could also get married today or do some wedding planning with your lover.
  • Make love with your lover.
  • If you don't have a lover to share today's holiday with, express your love to someone and see if they will be your lover. It does happen to also be Take a Chance Day today, so what do you have to lose?

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