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Proposal Day!

Proposal Day! was created by John Michael O'Loughlin after he saw his cousin's boyfriend had been dating her for years without asking her to be his wife. He chose the equinoxes as the time for Proposal Day because the length of day and night is almost equal all around the world on these days, just like it takes an equal amount of effort by those who form a marriage to make it successful.

There are two reasons for the day. The first reason is for those who are already in a long-term relationship to get engaged after one of the partners proposes to the other. Proposal Day may encourage those who have been contemplating proposing to finally pop the question. At minimal, the day may at least open up dialogue and discussion about the topic of marriage between partners.

The second reason for the day is for singles to send letters or cards to those who they think they would be compatible in marriage with. The cards basically say "I consider you marriageable," and the day is an opportunity to tell a potential spouse how one feels with the hope they feel the same way. It is a day to make the first move, and to find out if the feeling is mutual. After receiving the card, the recipient must be convinced by the sender as to why they should consider the sender as a marriage partner. Rejection may happen, but at least it will now be known, and a card may be sent to another potential marriage partner.

How to Observe Proposal Day!

If you are in a long-term relationship and have been thinking about asking your partner to get married, this is the perfect day to do so. Sure, some of the surprise may be lost if you propose on Proposal Day, but if you haven't mustered up the courage to pop the question so far, maybe this day is just what you need. Make sure you think of a romantic place to do it. If you aren't currently in a relationship, the first thing you need to do is identify someone who you think is a true love and would make a compatible marriage partner for life. Once you have done that you should send them a letter or card letting them know. Afterwards you must convince them of why they should consider you. Take them somewhere special and talk to them about your dreams for the future. If you don't let them know how you feel on this day, then when are you going to do it? If you are already married, this is a good day to remember the day that you proposed or were proposed to. How, when, and where did it happen? Maybe you could return with your spouse to where it happened and reenact the magical moment.

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