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National Word Nerd Day

Who are word nerds? They are most likely logophiles, which are people that love words. Word nerds love to read, have a dictionary, and use a thesaurus. They may enjoy etymology, which is the study of words and how their meanings have changed throughout history. It's likely that word nerds play word games and have a word of the day calendar or subscription. Word nerds are always correcting grammar or punctuation, whether it is a natural inclination of theirs, people come to them for writing help, or it is part of their job. Editors may be seen as professional word nerds. Anyone who works in a job involving communications, marketing, web production and the like work in word nerd fields as well. Today is dedicated to all of those that are self-identified word nerds, or are word nerds because of the field they work in.

How to Observe National Word Nerd Day

Celebrate the day by learning new words. The best way to do it may be to read a book with a dictionary by your side, and to look up any words you don't know after trying to understand them in their context. You could learn words by using an application such as Word of the day, or books such as Word Smart. You could also do some crosswords or play Words With Friends. Improving your overall writing ability could be another focus of the day, and picking up some editing books might help you do that. Other fun ways to celebrate the day may be to get a word of the day calendar, try to use only long words in conversation, or learn some of the longest words in the dictionary. If you do most of these things, there is no doubt you'll be a word nerd in no time!

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