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National HVAC Tech Day

All heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technicians (HVAC technicians) in the industry are shown appreciation on National HVAC Tech Day, a day created by ARS/Rescue Rooter, "a national provider of home services." HVAC techs provide and restore comfort to their customers, often working outside of normal business hours and helping people at all times of day and night. They sometimes work in extreme conditions. Not only may they have to labor in temperatures of cold and hot, where furnaces are on the fritz and air conditioners have stopped cooling, but they may have to spend time in crawl spaces and attics and work in old buildings where they come into contact with mildew and debris.

Along with ensuring that customers have comfort, they provide them with cost and energy savings. They assist them in choosing the right heating and cooling equipment for their homes and buildings. Through regular maintenance, they ensure that the systems are running efficiently, so that money is saved, the environment is protected, and that they are long-lasting. For all they do, HVAC techs are shown appreciation today!

How to Observe National HVAC Tech Day

Show appreciation for your HVAC tech! ARS/Rescue Rooter has provided some images that you could share on social media along with stories of appreciation and the hashtag #NationalHVACTechDay. If you don't have an HVAC tech, today is an ideal day to hire one and to show them some appreciation. Do you have a heating, cooling, or ventilation issue you've been putting off getting looked at or fixed? Or do you want a completely new system to replace what you have now? Either way, now is the time to get an HVAC tech, to show them appreciation for all their hard work, and to wish them a happy National HVAC Tech Day!


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