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Recess at Work Day

A recess is a "temporary cessation of the customary activities of an engagement, occupation, or pursuit." Recess at Work Day was started in 2004 by Rich DiGirolamo, because he believed that in order for workers to be productive, happy, and loyal, they need to have a fun work environment. He saw Recess at Work Day as a starting point in improving employee morale, happiness, health, wellness, and productivity. The day is for building a team spirit, and for increasing innovation and recharging those in an organization. The day may also have a positive effect on employee retention, which in turn will have an effect on customer retention.

How to Observe Recess at Work Day

Creator Rich DiGirolamo said there really are no rules in how the day is celebrated, as long as there is a break from the normal routine, with the goal of building a stronger company. The celebration can take place for the whole day or just part of the day. Meetings or usual activities could take place in a new setting, or they could be done away with altogether and something new could be put in their place. If your boss doesn't want to have recess at work, you can send their name, email address, and phone number to Rich DiGirolamo, and he will talk to them about it. Here are a few ideas on how the day can be utilized:

  • Have a communications activity or a team-building event.
  • Bring in a professional to speak.
  • Organize outdoor games, such as softball, bocce ball, or disc golf.
  • Have a picnic or ice cream social.
  • Go to an amusement park or beach.
  • Make a company time capsule.
  • Do volunteer or community work as a group.
  • Book Rich to speak at your event. If he is not available today, book him for another day.

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