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World Ego Awareness Day

The Ego Awareness Movement created World Ego Awareness Day (WEAD) to raise social awareness about egotism. The day supports those affected by egotism, both the abused and perpetrators, and aims to prevent people from experiencing this invisible form of abuse. It focuses on education and advocacy to reduce the number of people who experience egotism and encourages mindfulness and speaking out against narcissistic and egotistical behavior. The Ego Awareness Movement says of the day, "while we hope that people will educate themselves and others throughout the year, this dedicated day gives us the opportunity to collaborate and amplify each other's understanding."

Someone suffering from egotism thinks the world revolves around them. They lack humility and view themselves as more important than they are. Egotism is similar to narcissism. Those with egotism talk about themselves at length, and they often exploit the ignorance, irrationality, and altruism of others for their own gain, sometimes using coercive force or fraud. At their core, those suffering from egotism are attempting to gain more values than they give.

The Ego Awareness Movement writes that egotism is "a learned form of psychological and emotional abuse" and that many who experience it, both perpetrators and those receiving abuse, don't even know it's taking place. The group says that egotism "can be responsible for most of our afflictions including a false sense of superiority, inferiority complex, prejudices, judging others, manipulation, rage, addictions, stress, violence, racism, sexism, the need for praise, approval, being reactionary, lack of empathy, loneliness, despair, false propaganda, religious and tribal wars and so on" and that "all such negative and destructive traits have serious consequences in our personal relationships and the world at large." Those participating in World Ego Awareness Day can become "Ego Awareness Advocates" by raising social awareness about egotism, so that egotism can be eradicated.

How to Observe World Ego Awareness Day

  • Become an Ego Awareness Advocate by raising social awareness about egotism. Individuals, organizations, and communities can share information about egotism online or at events.
  • Read a book about egotism.
  • Explore the Ego Awareness Movement website and Facebook page.
  • The Ego Awareness Movement suggests talking "to other advocates and organizations dedicated to mindfulness, awareness, life coaching, self-help, mentorship, spirituality and so forth."

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