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Eat an Extra Dessert Day

An extra dessert should be eaten sometime during the course of this day. Desserts are sweet foods that are commonly eaten at the end of a meal. There are countless types of desserts, including foods such as cakes, pastries, cookies, and pies. The word "dessert" is derived from the French word "desservir", which means "to clear the table". Fruits and honey were probably the first sweeteners used in food, and the dawn of desserts was bolstered by the expansion of the use of sugar. Sugar was in use in India before 500 BCE, and through trade it arrived in places such as Macedonia and China over the next thousand years or so. It wasn't until at least the 12th century that it arrived in Europe. During the Industrial Revolution desserts began being mass produced, and they were able to be processed and preserved in new ways, which increased their popularity.

How to Observe Eat an Extra Dessert Day

The day should be celebrated by eating an extra dessert. As the name implies, it is assumed that you are already eating dessert on a daily basis. On this day you should eat an extra dessert. But, don't get carried away, as to be true to the holiday you should really only eat one extra dessert. Try a dessert popular in another country, or plan a trip to one of the best dessert spots in the United States. Make your own desserts, and read a book about the history of desserts.

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