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Global Talent Acquisition Day

The Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals (ATAP), along with KRT Marketing, established Global Talent Acquisition Day, often known as Global TA Day, "to recognize the hard working, passionate professionals around the world who connect jobs and job seekers every day." On the first observance, in 2018, celebrations were held in cities across the United States and by many national companies and their talent acquisition teams. At that time, ATAP Executive Director Ben Gotkin said, "#GlobalTADay is an amazing opportunity for Talent Acquisition Professionals to celebrate and be recognized for who they are, the impact they make on people and organizations, and what they love about what they do." Presently, Global Talent Acquisition Day is celebrated by talent acquisition teams around the world, and ATAP hosts an online event each year.

How to Observe Global Talent Acquisition Day

  • Visit the ATAP website for more information about the day, and for information about this year's virtual event.
  • Give gifts, like treats, lunch, or gift cards to the talent acquisition team at your company or another talent acquisition team.
  • Post about Global Talent Acquisition Day with the hashtag #GlobalTADay.
  • If you are the head of a talent acquisition team, thank your team and do something special for them. Recognize them on social media. Give them ATAP membership. Host an educational event, such as signing them up for talent-sourcing training or a team-building event.
  • Become a sponsor of ATAP and Global Talent Acquisition Day.
  • Find more ideas online from ATAP about how to celebrate.
  • Learn more about talent acquisition.

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