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World Samosa Day

Samosas are a popular street snack food in India, where they also are found in restaurants and home kitchens. Pakistan is another country where they are quite prevalent. In general, they are most common in South Asia but can be found around the world, where they often go by other names. They have shells made with wheat or maida flour that are crunchy from being deep-fried in oil. They vary in size and shape depending on where they are from, sometimes being formed into cones or half-moons but usually being triangular. They are filled with ingredients like peas, potatoes, cheese, onions, minced meat, beef, lamb, green chiles, ginger, and spices. Just as with their size and shape, their ingredients and spices vary by region. Samosas are regularly served with chutney made with mint, tamarind, and coriander. Today they are celebrated with World Samosa Day!

Samosas got their start prior to the tenth century BCE, in the Iranian Plateau in the Middle East. From there they made their way through Libya, Egypt, and Central Asia, until they arrived in India, likely sometime during the thirteenth or fourteenth century, during the Delhi Sultanate rule. An early account of samosas describes them as "minced meat cooked with almonds, pistachios, onions, and spices placed inside a thin envelope of wheat and deep-fried in ghee." They first were called samsa, but have also gone by Sanbusak, Sanbusaq, and Sanbusag, among other names. These names come from the Persian word Sanbosag, which means "triangle pastry." No matter what they are called, they are enjoyed by many, especially on World Samosa Day.

How to Observe World Samosa Day

Celebrate by eating samosas! You could make some for yourself or host a samosa party and invite friends to bring over samosas for everyone to try. You could also have some samosas at a restaurant.

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