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St. Skeletor's Day

St. Skeletor's Day is a day for single people; it's a day for all those who didn't have a date or get any flowers yesterday on Valentine's Day, and is basically the antithesis of that day. It was created in 1998 by British comedian Richard Herring. He has said it is "a day for all the lost souls who don't have anyone to love," and that it is "devoted to the destruction of love." He asked, "Do we need a day for lovers? Isn't every day their day?" Besides being dedicated to the destruction of love, the day is for the destruction of greeting cards, and of people with boyfriends and girlfriends. It's not a day for buying gifts for people or doing anything special; that's what people do on Valentine's Day! The day takes its name from Skeletor, the villain from the Masters of the Universe. It's certain that he never celebrated Valentine's Day.

How to Observe St. Skeletor's Day

If you didn't celebrate Valentine's Day yesterday, you are well on your way to celebrating St. Skeletor's Day today! Richard Herring has said that the day allows you the opportunity to push people who are holding hands into a puddle, send a card to someone you hate, and break off a relationship without any explanation. It as a day for destroying love in general, and for smashing the commerciality of Valentine's Day. If you are alone, the day is for you. The day can be spent with friends though, as St. Skeletor's Day parties can be held.

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