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National Hug Your Dog Day

Created by professional dog trainer and behavior expert Ami Moore, National Hug Your Dog Day is designated for dog owners to appreciate all the joy their dogs bring them and to shower them with love. While the day may be spent giving hugs to a beloved dog, it is more customarily celebrated by spending extra time with them and giving them the opportunity to do their favorite things. Dogs provide companionship, comfort, emotional support, and safety. For all they give, this day is given to them.

How to Observe National Hug Your Dog Day

Does your dog like hugs? If they do, spend the day lavishing them with some. If they don't, give them extra attention in other ways. Buy them a favorite treat or food, let them play with their favorite toy or get them a new toy, take them to their favorite place, let them spend time with their favorite dog friend, get them groomed, or pet them or rub their belly just how they like it. If you don't have a dog, think about adopting one or give someone else's dog some extra attention today.


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