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National Bittersweet Chocolate Day

Today celebrates bittersweet chocolate, which is a type of dark chocolate. In order to be considered a dark chocolate, there must be at least 35% cocoa solids in it. When having between 35% and 65% cocoa solids, the dark chocolate is usually considered semisweet, and when it has between 65% and 80% cocoa solids, it is usually considered bittersweet. It is recommended that for chocolate to bring health benefits it should be eaten with at least 70% cocoa solids, and bittersweet chocolate falls into this range. Some health benefits of bittersweet chocolate may include lowered blood pressure, improved vascular health, and improved cognitive function.

How to Observe National Bittersweet Chocolate Day

Celebrate the day by going to the store and picking up some healthy bittersweet chocolate bars. Don't feel bad if you overindulge today; dark bittersweet chocolate is the healthiest chocolate you can eat!


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