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National Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day

Today is for sacrificing cheese in some way. It is unknown how the day got started, or how exactly cheese should be sacrificed, but most sources say it can be done by buying some cheese and breaking off some of it to place in a trap, in order to catch mice in your house. One adage related to the day says, "If you wish to catch some mice, first some cheese you must sacrifice...So purchase the cheese upon this day, and a mouse-free house is here to stay!"

As people don't really need to use cheese or food to catch mice anymore, because more effective means of pest control have been invented, some have proposed that the day should be reinvented, and cheese should be sacrificed in other ways. Some say cheese can be sacrificed by using it in a recipe. Some say money can be sacrificed by buying some really expensive cheese, or that you can sacrifice buying something else to buy cheese instead. Others have suggested trying a cheese that you have been reluctant to try because you thought it seemed off-putting. If you end up hating it, you may have to sacrifice it and have wasted money and cheese.

How to Observe National Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day

Celebrate the day by purchasing some cheese and "sacrificing" it by breaking off a piece and putting it in a mousetrap. There are so many types of cheese you could use. This does seem like a bit of an antiquated holiday, as there are many ways to keep mice away from your house, and cheese may not be too effective, as mice don't really even like cheese. Perhaps you could celebrate the day by sacrificing in another way. Buy a really expensive cheese you wouldn't buy otherwise, and forego purchasing something else that was on your list. Then you would be sacrificing for cheese, not just sacrificing cheese. You could also try a new type of cheese you never thought you'd try, with the hope that you don't dislike it so much that you have to sacrifice it.

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