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Brownielocks Day

The purpose of Brownielocks Day is to celebrate being a brunette—or "brownielocks"—and to take pride in having brown hair. As some people have "big" brown hair, the day has also been called Big Hair Day. It has also been referred to as Brunette Pride Day. Created by Brownielocks, a website with "Unknown, Fun, Silly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly Observances," Brownielocks Day takes place on November 24 because that is their birthday: the anniversary of when they bought their domain name. According to the Brownielocks website, someone can still be considered a brownielocks even if their hair has turned gray because they are still a brownielocks at heart.

Both brown and black hair can be considered as brunette, and this encompasses the hair color of about 90% of the world's population. Both women and men can be brunettes, but the correct spelling for a man with the hair is "brunet." Brunettes have approximately 100,000 hairs on their head, while blondes have about 120,000, and redheads have 80,000. With so many brunettes with so many strands of brunette hair, there is plenty to celebrate today!

How to Observe Brownielocks Day

Brownielocks have recommended the following ways to celebrate the day:

  1. Don't be ashamed of being a brunette, even if you've dyed your hair blonde.
  2. Wear brown.
  3. Tell a brunette she is beautiful. Appreciate the brunette in your life.
  4. Give a brunette a hug.
  5. Wear your hair big—any color of hair. Send photos of your hair to Brownielocks and they will post them.
  6. Enjoy your teddy bear or give someone a teddy bear.
  7. Do not tell blonde jokes.

A few other ways to celebrate the day could be to watch Gentlemen Prefer Blondes or its sequel, Gentlemen Marry Brunettes; to recall some famous brunettes, or to dye your hair brunette.

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