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Babbling Day

Today is for babbling and for celebrating babblers. While a babbler is a term that can be ascribed to someone who seems to talk nonstop about nothing, it can also apply to a baby making noise who is in the process of learning how to talk. Another name for a babbler is a blatherskite. We could try to describe this holiday in more depth, but then we would just be babbling, because there really isn't much more to say. But to go on would be fitting, though, wouldn't it? We just love babbling about holidays anyway. Holidays are great, some of our favorite holidays...

How to Observe Babbling Day

Celebrate the day by babbling to yourself or by babbling to others, either by talking continuously about nothing or by babbling like a baby, in incoherent sounds. You could even babble along with a baby. Tell any notorious blatherskites who you know that it is Babbling Day. There's a pretty good chance that they will then babble at you, and start babbling about the holiday to everyone they know. Don't get mad at these babblers. Today is for celebrating them!


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