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Chop Suey Day

This is a day for the American Chinese dish, chop suey. It usually consists of a meat—such as pork, beef, shrimp, chicken, or fish—and eggs, which are quickly cooked in a sauce with vegetables like cabbage, celery, and bean sprouts. It is usually served with rice, but stir-fried noodles may be added. In Cantonese, a Chinese language, its name literally means "odds and ends". There are so many conflicting stories of its origin, that no one really knows where it came from. Most believe it was invented by Chinese Americans. Some say it was made by those working on the transcontinental railroad, or for miners by a Chinese cook in San Francisco. Some claim it was made by the chef of a Chinese official who was visiting the United States in 1896, or that the official wandered into a Chinese restaurant and the chef there came up with it for him using leftovers. A few have also claimed that it is based off a dish from Taishan, a Chinese county in Guangdong province. No matter where it got its start, it is now a prominent food in American Chinese cuisine.

How to Observe Chop Suey Day

The day is celebrated by eating Chop Suey. Go to your local Chinese restaurant to have some, or make your own. There are many different ways you could make it. Here is one idea.

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