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National Hug your Boss Day

National Hug Your Boss Day was created to highlight and promote healthy working relationships, and to increase happiness, morale, and motivation at work. It is a day to focus on getting along with bosses, managers, and colleagues. If this can be achieved, workers will better enjoy their jobs, which will lead to higher morale and motivation, which will lead to increased productivity. The day starts with offering bosses hugs for all the work they do and continues by offering hugs to colleagues.

How to Observe National Hug your Boss Day

Start the day by offering a hug to your boss, and then offer hugs to your colleagues. If you are the boss, offer hugs to your employees. Some self-employed people have used the day to hug themselves, but you could also hug anyone you interact with when working. Take a picture or video of your hug with your boss and post it on the National Hug Your Boss Day Facebook page, or on other social media sites, using the hashtags #HugYourBoss, #HugYourBossDay, or #NationalHugYourBossDay. You could also email the pictures and videos to the day's official website, where they will be added to the picture or video galleries. The rest of the day should be spent focusing on getting along with your bosses, managers, and colleagues.


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