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National Felt Hat Day

This day is dedicated to felt hats. Felt made from wool is the world's oldest textile, and felt can also be made from the furs of rabbits and beavers. To create felt, pressure is applied to the wool or fur, as well as moisture and heat, which causes the fibers of the materials to interlock. There are many types of felt hats:

  • Ascot cap—hard felt; similar to flat cap.
  • Beret—usually of woollen felt; soft and round cap; traditionally associated with the French, Basque people, and the military.
  • Bicorne—broad brimmed with brim folded up and pinned in front and back; worn by European military officers in 1790's; associated with Napoleon.
  • Bowler—hard felt; created around 1850 in London; also known as Derby hat in the United States; worn by Charlie Chaplin and Laurel & Hardy.
  • Fedora—soft felt; medium brim; lengthwise crease in crown; associated with gangsters and Prohibition; worn by Frank Sinatra.
  • Fez—red felt; cone shaped; many times has a tassel; popular in Arab-speaking countries.
  • Kolah namadi—worn by men in rural areas of Iran.
  • Porkpie—low flat crown and narrow brim; worn by Buster Keaton and by Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad.
  • Slouch—worn by military leaders; less fancy versions are called bush hats.
  • Sombrero—Mexican hat; cone-like crown and wide brim.
  • Top hat—versions such as beaver hat, magician's hat, or top hat; tall, flat-crowned, and cylindrical; popularly worn by men in the 19th and early 20th centuries; worn by Abraham Lincoln and Uncle Sam.
  • Trilby—soft felt; deeply indented crown; narrow brim often upturned in back.
  • Tyrolean hat—originated in Alps; has corded band with feather.
  • Western—can be made of felt or many other materials; wide-brimmed; brim usually turned up at sides.

How to Observe National Felt Hat Day

Since it is also Make a Hat Day, the best way to celebrate the day is to make a felt hat and then wear it. If you already have a felt hat then you are already prepared to celebrate, and if you don't want to make one, you'll have to visit a store and buy one.

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