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National Kiss a Wookiee Day

Wookiees get all the love today because National Kiss a Wookiee Day is "a day to honor and remember and smooch all the Wookiee in our lives." Wookiees are tall, hairy humanoids from the Star Wars film franchise. They are intelligent, loyal, and trusting, but can also be volatile. They have a very long lifespan—much longer than humans. Native to the planet Kashyyyk, Wookiees were enslaved by the Galactic Empire after it was established. They were used to build the Empire's war machine, to work in spice mines, and to construct the Death Star. Wookies are loyal to the Galactic Republic and some have fought to restore it to power. Chewbacca, known as Chewie, is the sidekick of Han Solo and the best-known Wookiee. Chewie is who most people think of when they think of Wookiees, but all Wookiees are honored on National Kiss a Wookiee Day!

How to Observe National Kiss a Wookiee Day

Celebrate the day by kissing a Wookiee. If you don't know one personally, maybe you could kiss a stuffed Wookiee or someone in a Wookiee costume. Afterward, you could sit down and watch one of the Star Wars films with your Wookiee friend.

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