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Judgment Day

Judgment Day is a tongue-in-cheek holiday that seems to imply you are your own god, and say you don't have to wait until death for judgment. According to Ruth and Thomas Roy, the creators of the day, you can just look in the mirror and be your own judge. They say of the day, "Now you don't have to die to see how you measure up to your deity's standards. Just look in the mirror, wait for the answer, and go out and give it another shot." According to the description of the day in Chase's Calendar of Events, "All you need to do to see how you measure up to the standards of your God is simple: look in the mirror. There's your judgment."

Judgment Day, or the Last Judgment, is the judgment of people by a god or gods, that is present in religions such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, as well as in others. In Christianity, Jesus Christ will return to judge, and the dead will be raised. Those who are saved will go to heaven, while those who are damned will go to hell. In Islam, the Day of Judgement is one of the five cardinal beliefs. Two angels, Munkar and Nakīr, will question those who have died; martyrs will go to paradise while others will go to something like purgatory. On the last day, everyone will be judged by their good and bad deeds as recorded in two books and will be sent to heaven or hell.

How to Observe Judgment Day

Celebrate the day by looking in the mirror and judging for yourself how you are doing. There is no need to wait until a final Judgment Day. Be your own judge and do it now!

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