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National Hot Mulled Cider Day

This is a day for hot mulled cider—a cider that is simmered on a stove at a low heat with spices, and possibly brown sugar as well. Cinnamon sticks and full cloves are the main spices usually added to the cider. Other spices sometimes used include nutmeg, mace, cardamom pods, allspice berries, and star anise, as well as ingredients such as sliced fresh ginger, lemon zest, and orange slices. To really get the flavors infused into the cider, mulled cider is simmered for at least a half an hour. Another way it is made is in a crock pot at low heat.

Cider is made with a cider press, and is popular during autumn, as well as winter. It was the most popular drink in America during colonial times, was drank by people of all ages, and was either made at home or purchased in barrels. President John Adams—who lived to be 91— was fond of cider, and wrote in his diary about drinking it in the mornings. Cider lost some of its popularity in the 19th century as beer was ascendant, but it is still popular today. Sweet cider never has more than three percent alcohol in it. Hard cider is cider that has been fermented to between three and seven percent alcohol, and anything with more alcohol in it than that is considered applejack.

How to Observe National Hot Mulled Cider Day

Maybe you recently celebrated Johnny Appleseed Day and had some cider then. But did you have hot mulled cider? Today is your chance to try different spices and make your own. Make your cider with ingredients in the description, or try an online recipe.

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