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Tim Tam Day

Tim Tam Day, or National Tim Tam Day, celebrates Tim Tam biscuits. Made by Arnott's in Australia, Tim Tams consist of two malted chocolate biscuits, chocolate cream, and a chocolate coating. In their home country, they are known as chocolate bikkies—bikkie being the Australian word for cookie. They can be eaten plain, from the cupboard or the fridge, or be used to make desserts or to do a Tim Tam Slam, where a hot beverage is drunk through a Tim Tam before the biscuit is eaten. Arnott's is often involved in the day. For example, they have hosted Tim Tam Day events and have given out free Tim Tams to people whose names begin with "Tim" or Tam."

Ian Norris was the longtime Director of Food Technology at Arnott's, and is credited with being the "father of the Tim Tam." Influenced by the Penguin biscuit, and wanting to improve it, Norris began experimenting with different biscuit textures and cream flavors in 1958. Ross Arnott gave the new biscuit its name in honor of that year's Kentucky Derby winner. Tim Tams went on the market six years later.

There are many varieties of Tim Tams besides the Tim Tam Original. Other "Classic" varieties include Tim Tam Double Coat, Tim Tam Chewy Caramel, Tim Tam Dark, Tim Tam White, and Tim Tam Choc Mint. Their "Crafted Collection" uses ingredients from across Australia and New Zealand. Their "Deluxe" varieties include flavors like Decadent Triple Choc and Dark Choc Mint. Arnott's has teamed up with Gelato Messina, a popular Australian gelato company, to create flavors like Tim Tam Gelato Messina Choc Cherry Coconut and Tim Tam Gelato Messina Turkish Delight. Many other varieties have been offered over the years. Any and all types of Tim Tams can be celebrated today!

How to Observe Tim Tam Day

Celebrate with Tim Tams!

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