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US Bowling League Day

The birth of ten-pin bowling is considered to have taken place in 1895 in New York City, and bowling leagues started forming soon after. On US Bowling League Day, we celebrate leagues and the fellowship and healthy competition that they provide to bowlers. In a bowling league, teams bowl against each other during a season. Each match usually has three games, and teams usually face each other once a week or once every other week. A team often consists of four players, but three and five player teams are also common. There are male, female, and mixed leagues.

Scoring varies by league, but teams that win may be awarded points for each game won, and points for having more pins than other teams at the end of the week's games. A player has an average that is based on how well they bowl, which can go up and down each week. A team "handicap" is based on the averages, being the difference in the sum of the averages between the two teams. Naturally, teams with higher averages bowl against those with lower averages. There are often cash prizes or pools to help incentivize bowlers. For example, there may be strike pools and spare pools, where bowlers put in money to play, and the money is won by someone who reaches a certain amount of strikes or spares.

How to Observe US Bowling League Day

Celebrate the day by joining a bowling league or by meeting up with your team members in the league you already belong to. If you don't have any matches scheduled for today, you could still get together to bowl, or could just get together to celebrate. Perhaps you could get your team to visit a historic bowling alley, to stop at the International Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame, or to watch some episodes of Celebrity Bowling.

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