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Rose Day

Rose Day is the first holiday during Valentine's Week, a week dedicated to love that leads up to and culminates with Valentine's Day. It is a day for sharing love by buying roses and giving them to loved ones, especially to a significant other. Sometimes roses are paired with chocolate, candies, or cards with a message of love. Any number of roses may be given—one rose or a dozen roses are common.

As different colored roses hold distinctive meanings, different roses may be given depending on who the recipient is. A red rose symbolizes love and romance and may be given to a significant other. A yellow rose symbolizes friendship and is usually given to friends. A white rose symbolizes innocence and purity, and also means there is a new start, and thus may represent marriage and be given at that time. In all, there are more than 150 species of roses and thousands of hybrids. As Valentine's Week begins, one or more of these many roses is given as a token of love.

How to Observe Rose Day

Share your love with others by giving them a rose or roses. The day is especially meant for the sharing of romantic love, and if you find yourself in this kind of love today, giving red roses may be the most fitting, because they symbolize romance. If you have recently gotten married, giving white roses could also be appropriate. If you would like to share your love and appreciation for your friends, give them yellow roses. You could pick up roses at a store or have them delivered. If you really want to go above and beyond, you could take a loved one to a rose garden.

Not only can the giving of a certain color of rose hold significance, but a message may also be sent by giving a certain number of roses. One rose symbolizes love at first sight, two roses symbolize a shared and deep love, three roses say "I love you," six roses say "I want to be yours," seven roses say "I'm infatuated with you," nine roses symbolize eternal love, and ten roses say "you're perfect." On Rose Day, on the first day of Valentine's Week, give roses to show your love to friends and lovers. Whether you give one or many roses, and no matter what color of roses you choose—or if you include chocolate or a note with them—your friends and lovers will most certainly appreciate your gesture.

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