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Everything You Think is Wrong Day

Everything You Think is Wrong Day can be interpreted in a few ways. It may be a day when nothing goes right and everything seems to go wrong the whole day! If this is the case, it also recognizes that these types of days are sometimes inevitable. One shouldn't be dismayed, because these type of days will pass. A perfect example of this is that Everything You Do is Right Day is coming tomorrow!

Everything You Think is Wrong Day can also be a day to acknowledge there are things we don't know, we have imperfections, and we have much to learn. We may not know basic knowledge about certain fields of study or not know specific pieces of information, or we may need to improve our moral outlook or correct blind spots when it comes to being compassionate or understanding of others. But the day can be looked at as an opportunity, not as a reason to be down. We all have the opportunity to fix things and to learn, which will make us better people in the long run.

How to Observe Everything You Think is Wrong Day

Spend the day reflecting on things you can improve on, specifically when it comes to your thoughts. What fields of study do you lack basic knowledge in? Perhaps you could join a class or read a book on a topic where you have much to learn. Reflect on your views of others, your values, and your overall disposition. Where can you improve? In what areas would you benefit from a better outlook? Focus your energies on an area where you most think you need to improve. Perhaps you could pick up a self-improvement book to help you on your journey.

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