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National Caregivers Day

Started by the Providers Association for Home Health and Hospice Agencies in 2015 and first observed in 2016, National Caregivers Day celebrates and honors caregivers. Appreciation is shown to caregiving professionals as well as to family (or friend) caregivers. Caregiving work can be fulfilling, but also may be physically and mentally draining, so it is quite appropriate that we pause today to honor those who undertake the work.

Caregivers provide personal care and medical support for those who can't fully care for themselves and help them lead better and more fulfilling lives. They may care for people in hospice, for people with disabilities or injuries, or for elderly people who need long-term care. Hospitals, other health facilities, and homes may all be the workspaces of caregivers.

The range of duties caregivers carry out is rather broad. They may help with daily tasks like bathing, eating, medicine, housework, and cooking; run errands and provide transportation; offer general emotional support; organize daily activities and arrange medical care; and even make health and financial decisions. Much of the care they provide is unpaid, particularly if they are caring for a family member. Today we honor professional and family caregivers, both the paid and unpaid, for their dedication to those in need.

How to Observe National Caregivers Day

Show thanks and appreciation to caregivers—to those you know personally, to those who take care of people in your life, and to any you may encounter. Give gifts, speak words of gratitude, and write letters of thanks. Honor caregivers on social media and include the hashtag #NationalCaregiversDay. If there is a family caregiver in your life, ask them if you can help relieve them of some of their regular tasks today, like laundry, cooking, and errands. If being a professional caretaker is of interest to you, you could look into becoming one.

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