National Only Child Day


Siblings Day was just a few days ago, and it may be a fair assumption to say that those who are an only child may have felt left out. Well, today they get their own day! National Only Child Day celebrates and is celebrated by those who don't have siblings. On one hand, there are stereotypes that say that an only child tends to be spoiled and selfish. An only child may be lonely at times, and they don't get to experience the joy of having siblings. But, on the other hand, an only child may get more of their parents' attention, may get to experience more things, and may not have to worry about getting as many hand-me-down clothes and toys.

National Only Child Day is observed next on Sunday, April 12th, 2020. It has always been observed annually on April 12th.

How to Observe

If you are an only child, go out and do something fun on your own to embrace your only childness. You could also spend the day with your parents, as they are likely your closest relatives. If you are not an only child, wish a happy National Only Child Day to anyone you know who is an only child. Maybe you could spend the day with them and treat them like a sibling for the day!

Occurrence Patterns

ObservedFirst YearLast Year
annually on April 12th--



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