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National Better Breakfast Day

Better Breakfast Day, taking place towards the end of Better Breakfast Month, prioritizes starting the morning with a healthy breakfast, to kick-start everyone towards a successful day. In the immediate, breakfast provides energy and promotes concentration, and in the long term, it can lower the risk for type two diabetes and heart disease and can help with weight management.

While pancakes, bacon, and waffles might be appealing, they aren't necessarily part of a "better" breakfast plan, since they are loaded with simple carbohydrates and fat. Pancakes and waffles, for example, are carb-heavy and usually covered in fat-laden butter and sugary syrup. Still, any breakfast may promote satiety, lowering the amount of calories eaten later in the day. But, there are a number of alternatives to the breakfast foods mentioned above that indeed can be part of a better breakfast.

Oatmeal is full of fiber and helps lower cholesterol. Protein-rich eggs can be paired with vitamin-filled vegetables to make an omelet. Yogurt, particularly low-fat Greek yogurt, is chock-full of probiotics and protein and can be topped with fresh fruit. Whole grain, minimally processed cereals can be a part of a better breakfast, as can gallo pinto, a Central American dish made with rice and beans. Drinks are an important component of a better breakfast too. Water, tea, or coffee, preferably without added sugar, are healthy choices. A glass of fruit juice is also acceptable, although eating whole fruit is healthier than drinking it in juice form.

Better Breakfast Month was started in 1951 by the Cereal Institute, a group trying to improve the breakfast eating habits of the nation. In the lead-up to the creation of the month, food retailers filled out a Cereal Institute questionnaire about the best time to promote better breakfasts, and almost 80 percent chose September, the time when children go back to school. The name "Better Breakfast Month" was also selected. The month was created not only to improve the nation's health but as a merchandising event to boost sales of breakfast foods, since so many people skip breakfast on a regular basis, meaning there were dollars to be made. The month was promoted by cereal manufacturers who supported the Cereal Institute. At some point early on, Better Breakfast Day became part of Better Breakfast Month. It was promoted in local newspapers in 1957 and 1958, but it was not until decades later that it began being listed more regularly in publications, and it still doesn't have the same status as the month-long celebration.

How to Observe National Better Breakfast Day

Eat a better breakfast. Some food ideas include:

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