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Solitude Day

Solitude is often looked upon as being something negative. It is associated with loneliness and antisocial behavior, and it may be viewed as being selfish and unproductive. Indeed, too much alone time can be detrimental to physical and mental health. But, the opposite is also true—someone who is always engaged in social activities can get burned out. A balance is needed, and Solitude Day can help restore this balance and bring many benefits.

Although it often is hard to find solitude in our quick-paced world, when it is experienced, it can provide psychological and physical benefits. Both the mind and body benefit from rest and time away. It takes a lot of energy to speak with and interact with others and to adhere to social norms. Time away provides the opportunity to recharge, which increases focus and clearer thinking. With solitude, concentration can be improved and productivity can be increased.

Solitude allows time for the reorganization of thoughts. It facilitates reflection on past social interactions, so it can be determined if they were approached as they should have been. It gives perspective and presents an opportunity to develop socially, so improvements can be made for future social interactions. Solitude also contributes to self-discovery and finding one's own voice.

Solitude increases the ability to think deeply. When constantly involved in activities, people are unable to practice deep thought, and if they are spending all their time with others, chances are this is the case. Productivity and creativity benefit from deep thought and people are also better able to work through problems if they have time when they won't be distracted. Finally, solitude allows time for personal fulfillment through hobbies. It allows for the development of skills that people enjoy doing. For many hobbies to be mastered, such as writing or playing an instrument, solitude is necessary. With Solitude Day, these many benefits can be experienced.

How to Observe Solitude Day

Some ways you could spend Solitude Day include:

  • Unplug from all devices for the day or for part of the day—no phones, no computer, and no social media.
  • Get up early, before anyone else in your home is up, and use the time to meditate or create.
  • Reflect on your life to gain perspective and find your voice.
  • Practice deep thought and try to work through any difficult problems you have been dealing with.
  • Take a walk in a park or along a shoreline.
  • Go for a run.
  • Make yourself a meal.
  • Go fishing.
  • Build something.
  • Do some painting.
  • Do some journaling.
  • Wash your car by hand.
  • Practice a musical instrument.
  • Read a fiction or non-fiction book that explores solitude.

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