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Today is about celebrating the human body. National Nude Day—a day when people take off their clothes and get naked—is great for a hot summer day. Getting naked exposes our bodies to more Vitamin D, and helps with circulation, as there is less restriction from clothing. There are those who are nudists or belong to nudist groups and get naked because they see it as a natural way to be. Some like to casually get naked and may spend time at nudist beaches or participate in nudist bike rides. And then there are those who take nudity a step further and like to go streaking. No matter what kind of nakedness people embrace, they can all celebrate National Nude Day. There is some indication that the day first started in New Zealand in the early 2000s and then spread around the world after rugby player Marc Ellis encouraged people to streak in front of New Zealand's Prime Minister, Helen Clark.

National Nude Day, also known as International Nude Day, is observed next on Tuesday, July 14th, 2020. It has always been observed annually on July 14th.

How to Observe

Celebrate the day by spending it in the nude. Visit a nudist beach in America, or one of the best nudist beaches in world. If you are feeling extra adventurous, you could go streaking. You could also join the American Association for Nude Recreation. Because nudity isn't acceptable everywhere, it may be a good idea to celebrate the day from the comfort of your own home—but that's up to you.

Occurrence Patterns

ObservedFirst YearLast Year
annually on July 14th--



Alternate Names

  • International Nude Day

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