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National Psychiatric Technician Appreciation Day

Psychiatric technicians are shown appreciation today with National Psychiatric Technician Appreciation Day. Psychiatric technicians are mental health technicians. They work with and care for people with different levels of mental illnesses and impairments (such as psychosis), brain diseases (such as dementia), developmental disabilities, and emotional disturbances. Psychiatric technicians undertake a number of tasks on behalf of patients. They monitor their physical and emotional well-being. They help administer medication and assist them with personal hygiene. They also participate in their rehabilitation and treatment programs.

Psychiatric technicians often interact with patients more than anyone else does. Often working under psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses, psychiatric technicians usually work in group homes, other long-term care facilities, hospitals, or state mental hospitals. They follow hospital procedures and the instructions of their superiors. They execute orders and must report back about how the treatment is going and if anything needs professional attention.

Psychiatric technicians must have superb observation skills, be able to work well with others, have a stable personality, know basic nursing, and want to help others. Entry-level psychiatric technicians are known as psychiatric aides. They focus on helping patients with daily activities and personal grooming, and they organize therapeutic, recreational, and educational activities. Higher-level psychiatric technicians, who may be known as paraprofessionals, have more training. Many states provide options for certification/licensure for them. Some of their tasks include admitting, interviewing, and making assessments for patients, planning and implementing treatment plans, conducting therapy sessions, administering medication; and recordkeeping. Today they are shown appreciation for all they do!

How to Observe National Psychiatric Technician Appreciation Day

Show appreciation for any psychiatric technicians you know! Maybe one has cared for a family member or friend, or even cared for you. Maybe one is a relative, neighbor, or friend, or maybe you work with one. Whatever the case, thank them for the work they do, and maybe even give them a gift!

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