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Still Need to Do Day

Still Need to Do Day comes at a lull time in the holiday season, before New Year's festivities. Children are still out of school, and maybe you have some time off of work. With only a few days left in the year, you may start reflecting on what you have accomplished during the last trip around the sun, and what things were left undone. Today is for tying up some of the loose ends of the year, and getting things done before the calendar changes. Completing tasks give people a sense of accomplishment, and doing some now will lay a foundation to start the new year off strong. Thomas and Ruth Roy of Wellcat Holidays started the day, and while they put it on December 29 to illustrate the opportunity to finish things before the end of the year, they also said you have "the rest of your life" to do them, meaning that it's okay if it takes longer than just today to finish them. They point out that procrastination does not move one forward, and that "it's time to start pursuing the dream," implying that not only small tasks need to be focused on, but large life goals as well.

How to Observe Still Need to Do Day

Celebrate the day by making a list of things that you wish to accomplish yet this year, and a second list outlining things that you hope to start focusing on during the upcoming year ahead—this second list may be part of your New Year's resolutions. Then spend the day working to check off things on your first list and see if you can complete them. Maybe there is something broke in your house that you've been meaning to fix all year. Today is the day to do it! Is there something you have been meaning to buy all year to simplify your life, but you've been putting it off? Go out and get it today and start the new year fresh! Do you have children and they are off of school? If so, have them make lists too, and see what they can accomplish today as well.

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