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Get Out Your Guitar Day

Guitars are taken out of closets and cases today, to be played for oneself, and for family, friends, and strangers. Why? Because it's Get Out Your Guitar Day! Guitars can be transported without difficulty, and are one of the easiest instruments to learn, meaning they can be taken out and brought to any place where music is welcomed or needed, and that many people have them sitting around their homes, and can get them out and at least play a few chords.

The guitar is believed to have got its start in Spain in the early sixteenth century. Over the centuries, the number of strings on guitars changed, until a guitar with six strings—tuned to E, A, D, G, B, and E—became the standard. Still, guitars with other numbers of strings are made, such as with four, seven, eight, ten, and twelve strings. The strings are usually made of steel or nylon and are plucked with fingers, fingernails, or with a guitar pick.

Besides strings, guitars are made up of a body, neck, fretboard, and headstock. When being strummed, the opposite hand holds the neck and forms positions on the fretboard to make notes. There are acoustic, classical, and electric guitars, which may have a flat, hollow, or semi-hollow body. They can be used as rhythm or lead instruments, or as both, and are used in all types of music, from classical, traditional, regional, and folk, to jazz, rock, metal, rap, and punk.

How to Observe Get Out Your Guitar Day

Celebrate the day by getting out your guitar! Practice it on your own, play it for family and friends, strum it along with others, or play it out in public. Write a song or play some songs you already know. Take a video of yourself playing and post it online with the hashtag #GetOutYourGuitarDay. If you don't have a guitar, get one, and then get it out and play!

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