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Thumb Appreciation Day

Today we celebrate—and show a little appreciation for—the thumb, which is considered to be one of the most important digits. Made up of two bones, thumbs are often known as opposable thumbs because they can be stretched opposite fingers in order to grip things. They can carry out a wide range of uses and motions, such as pinching, grasping, rotating, and flexing. Besides humans, some animals have opposable thumbs or toes, although most do not. These animals are mainly primates like chimpanzees and orangutans. On Thumb Appreciation Day, some people abstain from using their thumbs and instead just use their other fingers, which gives them a better appreciation for their thumbs. Others show their appreciation for their thumbs by using them in various ways, more than they usually would otherwise.

How to Observe Thumb Appreciation Day

Celebrate the day by showing some appreciation for your thumbs! This may mean something different to you than it means to someone else. One of the most popular ways to celebrate is to not use your thumbs the whole day. By doing so, you may gain a new appreciation for your thumbs. Everyday tasks may become a challenge without using them. You could try some of the following: open a door, use your phone, write with a pencil, play an instrument, button a shirt, pick up change, use a hammer, drink out of a glass, tie your shoes, use a computer, and squeeze a tube of toothpaste. Another way to celebrate is to use your thumbs more often than you usually would, to give them the full appreciation they deserve. Some ideas on how to use them are to give a "thumbs up" to anyone you greet, challenge others to thumb wrestling matches, hitchhike, thumbpick a guitar, or explore the National Thumbpickers Hall of Fame.

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