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Telephone Tuesday

Telephone calls to businesses generally peak on the day following Labor Day. There are several reasons for this. It follows a long weekend, summer is ending and people want to take care of things they've been putting off the whole season, school is starting, and people want to get things in order before the holiday season begins. The day has been dubbed Telephone Tuesday by Marchex, a Canadian advertising analytics firm. They were inspired by the likes of Cyber Monday and Black Friday when naming the day.

By one statistic, phone calls to businesses go up by about 16% on Mondays, but they go up by about 34% on Telephone Tuesday. This varies by industry—in some, it goes up by 50%, and in some, it barely goes up at all. Most of the influx of calls go to insurance companies, cable and satellite providers, home security companies, storage facility companies, and car repair and home repair businesses. Many of the calls that come in are from people who are researching on their mobile phones and use click-to-call instead of typing numbers in. About one in five calls to businesses go unanswered today, so it is up to businesses to prepare for the day so that this doesn't happen.

How to Observe Telephone Tuesday

If you work for a business, especially if it is one of the types of businesses mentioned above, you should make sure you are prepared to answer the phone a lot. It may be a good idea to have an extra person devoted to the phones today, and it also may be wise to put in extra effort to be attentive and patient when talking to customers today. If you are on the other end of the phone today, be aware that it may be harder to get through and that those on the receiving end may be receiving more calls than usual. That being said, being that it is Telephone Tuesday, it is perhaps most fitting to make calls to businesses today, so you can be one of the people who contribute to making the number of calls that are made today so high.

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