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National Wellderly Day

Dr. Dale Anderson created National Wellderly Day along with Act Happy Day "in an effort to promote the health benefits of happiness, humor, and laughter."

Dr. Anderson suggested that one should start each day by standing in front of a mirror and letting out a huge belly laugh, in order to set the tone for the day ahead. He said that people can do this at any age, even if they are old. By doing so, those who are elderly will instead be "WELLderly." Dr. Anderson even wrote a book called Never Act Your Age, about how humor and laughter can have many health benefits at any age.

How to Observe National Wellderly Day

If you are an elderly person, it doesn't mean you can't be well and live a fulfilling life. According to today's holiday, when you live this way at an older age, it means you are being "WELLderly." The best way to get yourself on this healthy path, according to the creator of the day, is to start the day laughing in front of a mirror for 15 seconds. Overall, the goal of the day is to put your mind in a happy mood right away in the morning, so that it will brighten the rest of the day, helping to make it fulfilling. Celebrate the rest of the day by doing things that keep your mood elevated. Perhaps you could even read Never Act Your Age, a book written by the creator of National Wellderly Day. If you are not elderly, you can celebrate the day as Act Happy Day, which is a similar holiday that can be celebrated by people of all ages.

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