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Take Your Cat To Work Day

Take Your Cat To Work Day is held on the first day of Take Your Pet To Work Week, a week which ends with Take Your Dog To Work Day. Cat owners take their felines to work with the purpose of highlighting "the wonderful companions these pets make and to promote their adoptions." Some take the day a step further and invite representatives from pet rescues and animal shelters to show cats that are available for adoption or raise funds for such organizations.

How to Observe Take Your Cat To Work Day

Take your cat to work today! Post pictures of your cat on social media along with the hashtag #TakeYourCatToWorkDay. Another hashtag associated with the holiday that you could use is #MeowMonday. Pet Sitters International recommends some "best practices" if participating. Get permission before bringing in your cat: clear it with management and make sure none of your coworkers are allergic to cats or have any other issues with them. You know how your cat is in new environments, so keep that in mind when you decide if it's appropriate to bring them in. Make sure to bring in the home comforts that your cat is accustomed to, including food, water, a litter box, a bed or box, and toys.

Don't force your coworkers to interact with your cat—those who love cats will do so without encouragement. You could put up a sign letting other humans know how your cat is likely to respond to them, by sharing if it is shy, friendly, or somewhere in between. It's likely best to keep your cat near you, and you should also have a plan if your cat doesn't adapt to your workplace and it is necessary to take it home. If bringing your cat to work isn't an option, you could display a picture of it instead. If you want to be more adventurous, you could take part in a "funny cat video contest" with your feline-owning coworkers. You could also invite representatives from a local shelter or rescue to show cats that are in need of adoption, or you could raise funds at work for cat shelters and rescues. If you don't have a cat, today is the perfect day to adopt one!

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