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National Sons Day

National Sons Day celebrates and recognizes "the special importance and significance of being a son and raising sons." The holiday's creator, Jill Nico, was inspired to create it after she saw there was a holiday dedicated to daughters but none dedicated solely to sons. On the day, parents are to recognize their son or sons by posting something special about them or what they like about raising them on social media, along with a picture of them. Nico wanted the day to not only be about celebrating sons but to exist as "an archive of resources on educational opportunities on how to raise sons to be good role models." A promising future is to be created for sons through many one-on-one bonding moments.

Nico wanted the day to start a discussion about the importance of raising sons and boys, saying that it shouldn't be assumed boys know life skills that they have traditionally been associated with, such as changing oil, but that they should be taught them. She also wanted the day to highlight the importance of male role models and thought they are particularly needed in setting an example for boys for how they should treat girls and women. For those who are Christians, Nico said the day could be for celebrating Jesus Christ, who Christians consider to be the Son of God.

There is plenty of false information on the internet stating that National Sons Day is on September 28th. We've done extensive research and concluded that this is incorrect. You may read all about it here.

How to Observe National Sons Day

Parents are encouraged to recognize their sons by posting on Facebook. If you have a son or sons, post a picture of yourself with them and write about what you love about them, something special about them, or what you love about raising them. Tag the National Sons Day Facebook page with your post and use the hashtags #NationalSonsDay, #MarchFourth, and #SonsRock. The creator of the day has also suggested teaching your son a simple life skill you think they should know, and letting them know you are teaching it to them to help prepare them for bigger events in life. If you are a son, you could celebrate by spending the day with your parents.

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