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Go For a Ride Day

Today the focus is on the journey, not the destination. It's a day for escape, for wandering, and for taking in the scenery. Celebrating all forms of transportation—cars, trucks, planes, trains, scooters, bikes, and everything in between—it's a day to go for a ride! It appears the date was chosen because of its significance to the transportation industry. The variable-speed (interpole) motor was patented on the date in 1904 by Mathias Pfatischer, and the snowmobile was patented on the date in 1927 by Carl J E Eliason. Additionally, the Concorde began regular commercial flights on the date in 1977. Although these seem like good reasons for the holiday to take place today, being that it is also the anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy, who was shot while riding in an open-top car, it seems that a different date would have been better suited for such a holiday. Nonetheless, it is unknown who created Go For a Ride Day, and we shouldn't let one abhorrent event in history keep us from celebrating the joy of going for a ride.

How to Observe Go For a Ride Day

Celebrate the day by going for a ride. Go to a place you've never been before, or ride without any particular destination in mind. Relax and take in some scenery. Perhaps you could also use a type of transportation you've never tried before. Some modes of transportation you could use today include:

Maybe Ferris wheels and roller coasters are more to your liking. If so, you could spend your day going on rides at an amusement park. If you don't feel like going for a ride today, you could always do it vicariously by watching a road movie. You could also spend the day listening to songs with "ride" in the title.


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