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National Organize Your Home Office Day

Also known as

  • Organize Your Home Office Day


  • the fourth Tuesday in March (1992 to 1999)

  • the second Tuesday in March (since 2000)


Founded by


  • Self-improvement & Self-care

  • Work & Career



National Organize Your Home Office Day encourages those who work at home to bring organization to their offices, and it reminds them to cut the clutter so they can be more productive. It was created by freelance author Lisa Kanarek. First observed in 1992, it was held on the fourth Tuesday of March until 2000 when it was moved to the second Tuesday of March.

How to Observe National Organize Your Home Office Day

Some ideas on how to organize your home office include:

  • Declutter your desk and keep its accessories simple. If you don't use an item at least once a week, it probably doesn't need to be on your desk.
  • Move out of your office anything that doesn't belong, and completely get rid of items you no longer use.
  • Get a file cabinet if you don't already have one, and make sure to organize your files into hanging folders and label the files.
  • Use open shelving to utilize wall space, or cubbies, which have an organized appearance. Baskets and bins can be used with both, which can hold and hide items you don't want to see. Drawers can keep papers and other small items out of sight too, as can wall cabinets or storage containers on shelves or in closets.
  • Just because you may be moving some items out of your office area doesn't mean that things can't be added as well. Displaying beauty and inspiration in your office space can do much to help spark creativity and set the proper mood.
  • Utilize a custom wall calendar, bulletin boards, and whiteboards.
  • Don't only organize your office and its physical items, but your computer's digital items as well.
  • Check out Home Office Life, a website from Lisa Kanarek, the holiday's creator.

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