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Single Working Women's Day

Despite anti-discrimination laws, single women face many challenges. Women still often get assigned less-desirable work assignments, get paid less than their male counterparts, and face many other subtle injustices. When coupled colleagues, family, and friends get together, single women often are excluded, even if single men aren't. Single Working Women's Day is for women who have always remained single, for divorced single women, for single moms, and "for every woman who does it all." It celebrates their courage and creativity, and how they "continually manage to multitask like superheroes."

Single Working Women's Day was created in 2006 by Barbara Payne, a single working woman and founder of the Single Working Women's Affiliate Network, an organization that "has worked to create a network of working women to provide support, professional advice, and encouragement in workplaces that are often male-dominated." The day was created after Barbara and some of her friends were together and realized there were holidays to celebrate mothers, fathers, lovers, and more—even groundhogs, but that there wasn't one for single women in the workplace, one that recognized the contributions of single women. They created Single Working Women's Day and placed it on the birthday of a single woman, Perrine Knight, the woman in the group who realized there wasn't a holiday for single working women.

How to Observe Single Working Women's Day

Celebrate and honor single women in the workforce! Treat them with respect and appreciate them for all they do. Tell them how you admire their courage and resourcefulness. Ask them if you can do a task or errand for them. If you are in a position to help level the playing field, hire women or promote them to higher positions, and pay them the same salaries as men. Make sure to include single women by inviting them to events and parties. If you are a single woman, take pride in your work and all you do to multitask like a superhero!

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