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National Little Red Wagon Day

National Little Red Wagon Day celebrates little red toy wagons, specifically the ones made by Radio Flyer. Radio Flyer created National Little Red Wagon Day in 2016, in anticipation of their 100th anniversary. They established the day to celebrate children's imaginations, and the wagons that help foster those imaginations. Toy wagons, which are similar in structure to their larger counterparts, were invented in the late 19th century, and were originally made of wood. They have an open top, can usually comfortably seat one child, often have a pull handle in front, and are usually red. Besides Radio Flyer, popular brands include Red Rider, Northern Tool and Equipment, Lowe's, Cardinal, and Speedway Express.

The company that would become Radio Flyer was started by Antonio Pasin in Chicago. Pasin started making wagons in 1917 while working as a craftsman selling phonograph cabinets. Customers noticed the wagons he carried his tools around in, and started asking to buy them as well. After enough people requested the wagons, he shifted his focus to them. He formed the Liberty Coaster Company in 1923, and began making metal wagons out of stamped steel in 1927. In 1930 the company was renamed Radio & Steel Manufacturing, and soon afterwards began making the Radio Flyer wagon. The Radio Flyer was named in tribute to Guglielmo Marconi, who helped invent the radio, and Charles Lindbergh, who in 1927 made the first solo, nonstop airplane flight across the Atlantic Ocean. Radio Flyers rose in popularity after the 1933 Chicago World's Fair, where Pasin built a 45 foot tall statue of a boy riding a wagon. In 1987 the company changed its name to Radio Flyer in tribute to its popular little red wagon, and in 1997 they created the world's largest wagon to celebrate their 80th anniversary. This wagon was once again used for their 100th anniversary.

How to Observe National Little Red Wagon Day

If you have a little red wagon, celebrate the day by pulling it around. You could use it for yard work, or if you have children or grandchildren you could pull them around. Radio Flyer hopes their wagons help spur the imagination of children, so this may be a good time to encourage children to go outside and explore with their wagons on their own. If you don't have a little red wagon this is a good day to buy one! The short film Taking Flight which was inspired by Antonio Pasin, could also be viewed on this day.

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