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Freedom From Fear of Speaking Day

Glossophobia, the fear of public speaking, may rattle 75% of the population. It may range from a small fear to intense fear and full-on panic. A variety of symptoms—increased blood pressure and perspiration, nausea, stiff upper back muscles, anxiety and a feeling of panic, shaking hands, and a weak voice—may be present. Some may shun public speaking because they have a fear of being rejected or embarrassed, or because they have a fear of repeating a prior bad public speaking experience. Genetic tendencies and environmental, psychological, and biological factors may all play a role in someone's susceptibility to fear. Those with social anxiety disorder often also have a fear of public speaking. Those suffering from glossophobia may try to avoid all public speaking, but thankfully, there are ways to confront the fear, and that is what Freedom From Fear of Speaking Day is about.

Freedom From Fear of Speaking Day is for challenging public speaking fears and learning ways to overcome them. Preparation and persistence are the two keys to finding freedom from fear. Knowing everything one can about a topic goes a long way in readying them for a speech. Even visiting the location where the speech will be given can be beneficial. Rehearsal is critical. When speeches are practiced multiple times in advance, they go smoother during the final presentation. This is especially true when there's an audience and feedback is received. Exposure therapy, a type of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), helps individuals struggling with public speaking fears manage their symptoms and learn coping skills. Medications combined with psychotherapy, as well as anxiety management and relaxation techniques, may all help. Avoiding caffeine and doing deep breathing exercises and neck rolls promote relaxation. With these efforts of preparation and persistence, freedom from the fear of speaking can be achieved, and it can start today with Freedom From Fear of Speaking Day.

How to Observe Freedom From Fear of Speaking Day

Use the day to challenge any fears you have of public speaking, and to learn ways to overcome the fears. Focus on preparation and persistence. When getting ready for a speech, learn everything you can about the topic in advance, visit the location the speech will be given, give the speech multiple times to a small audience and ask for feedback, and make a video of a practice speech and review it. Avoid coffee when giving speeches. If you want caffeine, reach for some green tea. Try other relaxation techniques like deep breathing exercises and neck rolls. For more extreme cases of fear, consider looking into exposure therapy and medication.

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