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National Anisette Day

Today we celebrate and drink anisette, which is an anise-flavored liqueur that is also sometimes known as anis. It was first made as a replacement for absinthe, having fewer herbs than it and no wormwood. It is most popular around the Mediterranean, especially in Spanish-speaking countries. Some countries where it is frequently drunk include Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Italy, and France. The most popular varieties from Spain are Chinchón and Anís del Mono, and France is known for producing Marie Brizard.

Anisette is made by distilling aniseed, the seed of the anise plant, and adding sugar syrup to it. Anisette is sweeter than most other anise-flavored liqueurs and has an alcohol content of about 25%. It is usually served with a bit of water—cool water is added to it, and the drink turns milky-white. It can also be used in recipes. It is used with gin, cream, and egg white to make Café de Paris. When it is stirred with bourbon and bitters it is known as a New Orleans. Anisette is similar to other anise-flavored spirits, such as raki from Turkey, mastika from Bulgaria, ouzo from Greece, aguardiente from Colombia, sambuca from Italy, and pastis, which is popular in France.

How to Observe National Anisette Day

Celebrate the day by drinking anisette! You could serve it with a bit of cool water or use it in a recipe. Stir it with bourbon and bitters to make a New Orleans, or use it to make a Café de Paris. Some popular brands you could try include Chinchón, Anís del Mono, and Marie Brizard. If you do not wish to drink alcohol today, you could use some anisette to make cookies.

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